Václav Rajlich

Current Students

Yibin Wang, Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. Dissertations Directed

Maksym Petrenko: On Use of Dependency and Semantics Information in Incremental Change, 2009

Shaochun Xu: Cognitive Aspects Of Selected Software Engineering Processes, 2006

Kunrong Chen: Incremental Software Change, 2003

Richard Fanta: Transformation of Object Oriented Code and Design by Relocation, 1999

Shibin Hu: Slicer Generator, 1993

Joao Silva: Reuse in Vertical Domain, 1993

Brent Baas: SYGEST: A TOOL for Generalization in Object Oriented System, 1993

Panagiotis Linos: Automatic Layout for Visual Environments, Detroit , 1990 (co-advisor with Bogdan Korel)

Wafa Khorshid: VIPEG: A generator of Environments for Software Maintenance, 1989

Suresh Subraminian: A Structured Approach to Tracking Software System Evolution, Ann Arbor , 1988

Pavel Kunc: A Measure of Quality for Graphical Software, Prague

Jan Soucek: Algorithmic Analysis of Structured Petri Nets, Prague

Master's Theses Directed

Yoann Senin, Case Study Of Phased Model For Software Change In A Multiple Programmer

Environment, 2014

Chris Dorman: An Experience Report Of The Solo Iterative Process, 2011

Suhartha Chowdhury: Concept Location Using Ontology Fragments and Information Retrieval Based Search Queries, 2010

Radu Vanciu: Revealing Hidden Dependencies in Software Systems, 2009

Neal Febbraro: A Case Study on Incremental Change in Agile Software Processes, 2008

Yong Jiang: Support for Incremental Change Using Prolog, 2004

Alex Rostkowycz: Industrial Case Study: Experience Using Pas and the Software Mini Change Process To Incrementally Redocument Software, 2003

Fadi El-Khoury:  Jtracker: A Tool For Incremental Change Methodology in Java Programs, 2003

Prashant Gosavi: A Case Study of Change Propagation, 2003

Elena Rykova: HMS and Software Documentation, 2003

Paul Shabash: A Dataflow Parser, 2000

Hristos N. Papanopoulos: Method Expulsion in C++ Class Transformations, 2000

Gautham Gangasani: An OO Tool for Rapid Functional Prototyping, 1998

Zheng Wang: Evolution tool based on Graph Rewiting, 1998

Waseed Abdul Syed: A Survey and an Experiment in Software Engineering, 1997

Shyam S. Chandresakaran: Change-and-Fix Software Evolution Using Ripples 2, 1997

Zhi Luo: Class Dependence Analysis in C++ Programs, 1997

Salman Mohammed: A tool for support of methodology patterns, 1997

Xin Zou: A program comprehension environment, 1996

Srinivas Vobilisetti: A Tool for Software Evolution, 1996

Sridlatha Yadlapali: Persistence for C++, 1995

Hong Peng: An Analyzer of C++ Programs, 1995

Puneed Jain: Modelling Petri Nets, 1995

Mark Gira: Program Change Analysis, 1995

Taher Doctor: A graphics environment, 1994

Reddi Gudla: An Experiment in Software Documentation, 1994

Srivkumar Ragunathan: A Case Study of Two Software Architectures, 1994

Jamal Mustafa: A graphical display of Object oriented software, 1993

Taher Mohammed Doctor: CPSE: C++ Program Support Environment, 1993

Amir Baig: A browser for Object Oriented Program, 1993

Chandrakas Dani: An algorithm for optimization of graphs, 1993

James Doran: TLES: A tool for Layered Explanations of Software, 1993

Akhtaar Saleem: A tool for testing C++ classes, 1992

Joao Silva: Two Object-Oriented Methods for Software Development, 1988