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The highly interactive tool JRipples provides programmers with the organizational support during software change that makes the software change process easier and more systematic. JRipples supports: concept location, impact analysis and change propagation. The tool analyzes the program, keeps track of the inconsistencies, and automatically marks the components to be visited by the programmer. It allows the programmer to concentrate on important decisions, rather than on the minutiae of the IC process. JRipples is implemented as a plug-in for the Eclipse platform. For concept location the tool supports three concept location techniques: dependency search and information retrieval (IR) and grep.

To install JRipples, add this URL to your Eclipse installation: http://jripples.sourceforge.net/

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We implemented an unanticipated change request in Drawlets, following an early version of software change process. Drawlets is a drawing application developed in Java with more than 100 classes and about 10KLOC .The change request requires programmer to add owners for each figure. The implementation of the change request impacted about 40 classes. 

The IEEE Computer journal paper describing this project is available here.

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Solo Iterative Process (SIP)

Solo Iterative Process (SIP) is the simplest iterative process; it is characterized by a single programmer working alone on a software project. In spite of its simplicity, it shares some characteristics with team processes and hence it is a suitable introduction into the topics of the software processes.

A sample iteration was enacted on the open source program muCommander

. Detailed source code in the form of diff files is available here.