Hw # 8

CSC 105


  1. Do program listing 4-1 from your text book . Name this file talkback.c . Compile this file , name the executable talkback.output.
  2. Solve Problems 3-2 , 3-4 from the Review Exercises from chapter 3 of the text book .
  3. Write a C program which asks the user to input two integers , and then prints out the sum , difference

and product of these two numbers on separate lines . Your program should prompt the user for the

input and should display the output in a properly formatted manner . Name the file sum.c and the

executable as sum.output .


The C files and their executables should be in hw6 subdirectory of your accounts . Turnin the following files from your account talkback.c, talkback.output , sum.c , sum.output . Make sure that you set the rights of your files to 707 before you turn them in .

On a sheet of paper write down the solutions for Problems 3-2, 3-4 , also write down an example , the natural language description , the pseudo code and the C code for Problem # 3 given above .