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Incremental software change adds new functionality to software. It is the foundation of software evolution, maintenance, iterative development, agile development, and other software processes. Highly interactive tool JRipples provides the programmer with the organizational support that makes the incremental change process easier and more systematic. JRipples supports impact analysis and change propagation, the two most difficult activities of the incremental change. The tool analyzes the program, keeps track of the inconsistencies, and automatically marks the components to be visited by the programmer. It frees the programmer to concentrate on important decisions, rather than on the minutiae of the IC process. JRipples is implemented as a plug-in for the Eclipse platform.



GES tool is the result of integrating the Google Desktop Search (GDS) engine into IBM's Eclipse development environment.
The purpose is to improve searching in software projects in a manner similar to searching the internet or your own desktop.



Documentation is the discovery and recording of software comprehension. This project creates a tool for documenting CLIPS and COOL CLIPS where the comprehension of the software is recorded in hypertext. The document of ClpDoc can be viewed here. The compiled jar can be downloaded here and the source code is available here.