Dr. Ming Dong

Ph. D Students

1.      H. Xu, PhD, Representation Learning using Deep Networks

2.      S. Chen, PhD, Facial Image based Age Estimation using Ranking Convolutional Neural Networks

3.      H. Emami Gohari, PhD, Content-based Image Segmentation and Retrieval through Deconvolution

4.      M. Bojrab, PhD, Deep Learning and Knowledge Distillation on Low-power Devices (co-advised with Loren Schwiebert)

MS Students

1.      Hanyi Zhang

2.      Amir Afshar


R. Almomani, PhD, Dissertation: Object Tracking: Appearance Modeling and Feature Learning, 2015

L. Wang, PhD, Dissertation: Complex Data Analytics via Sparse, Low-rank Matrix Approximation, 2012

Y. Li, PhD, Dissertation: Localized Feature Selection for Unsupervised Learning, 2010

Y. Chen, PhD, Dissertation: Data Clustering and Visualization through Matrix Factorization, 2010

X. Luo, PhD, Dissertation: Distributed Fault-tolerant Event Detection and Faulty Sensor Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2008

M. Rege (co-advisor, advisor: Farshad Fotouhi, Professor of Computer Science), PhD Dissertation: On the Clustering of Heterogeneous Data: a Graph Theoretic Approach, 2007

C. Yang, PhD, Dissertation: Image Annotation through Statistical and Interactive Learning, 2007

Yi Wan, MS

Xin Guo, MS

J. Wu, MS

V. Torquato, MS

 J. Jiang, MS

D. Xu, MS