CSC 8110: Seminar in Software Engineering and Environments

Fall Term 2014
Meetings:  Tue, Thur 10:00AM--11:20AM
Room: TBD/Varies
Professor: Prof. Marwan Abi-Antoun
E-mail: (Please include CSC 8110 in the subject line for faster replies.)
Phone: (313) 577-2831 (Please call only during regular office hours. You may send email anytime.)
Office: Suite 14.110.2, 14th floor of  5057 Woodward Avenue (Maccabees Building)
Office Hours: By appointment only.

Blackboard: Important information will be posted on Blackboard (

Schedule of Topics, Readings, and Assignments

A date with an asterisk * indicates an exception to the regular meeting date/time.

Week # Date
Aug. 25 00 Thu. Aug. 28* No class -- instructor travel    
Research Presentations and Practice Talks
Sep. 01 01 Tue. Sep. 02 O-O Metrics [Sumukhi]   A1: Prepare list of top-10 research papers to read and present. Send to instructor for approval.

02 Thu. Sep. 04 ScoriaBench [Ebi]    
Sep. 08 03 Tue. Sep. 09 Impact analysis [Yibin] TOMAR: give feedback on new metrics.
TOMAR: give feedback on new evaluation write-up
A2: During the course of the semester, present the selected papers.
* Answer questions from the audience;
* Address any comments received on the presentation.
04 Thu. Sep.11 ScoriaBench -- redux [Ebi]    
Sep. 15 05 Tue. Sep. 16 Practice talk [Marwan]    
06 Thu. Sep. 18 Petrenko and Rajlich [Yibin] Variable Granularity for Improving Precision of Impact Analysis  
Sep. 22
07 Tue. Sep. 23 Software engineering research strategies    
08 Thu. Sep. 25 Refinement [Ebi]    
Sep. 29
ICSME week
  Tue. Sep. 30* No class -- instructor travel    
09 Thu. Oct. 02 Barr et al. paper [Sumukhi]   A2: Tool evaluation. See handout.
Oct. 06 11 Tue. Oct. 07 Refinement -- take 2 [Ebi] Focus on soundness  
12 Thu. Oct. 09 A2 [Anam]    
Oct. 13 13 Tue. Oct. 14 TBD [Yibin] Dynamic slicing paper  
14 Thu. Oct. 16 A2 -- take 2 [Anam]
ArchDoc [Sumukhi]
ECOOP'11 paper + ETX practice talk  
Oct. 20
SPLASH  week
  Tue. Oct. 21* No meetings -- instructor travel    
  Thu. Oct. 23*    
Oct. 27 15 Tue. Oct. 28 Impact analysis -- take 2 [Yibin]    
16 Thu. Oct. 30 Zhang et al. [Sumukhi]
Elevator Pitch [all]
Nov. 03 17 Tue. Nov. 04 Refinement -- take 3 [Ebi] Refinement: discuss evaluation plan.  
18 Thu. Nov. 06 ScoriaBench -- take 3 [Ebi]
A2 Scoria Eval: Muspy -- take 3 [Anam]
SIW practice talk  
Nov. 10 19 Tue. Nov. 11 Impact analysis -- take 3 [Yibin]    
20 Thu. Nov. 13 Paper reviewing practice.
Mock PC meeting.
* Read draft
* Write review
* Bring to mock PC meeting written review and annotated copy
* SANER'15 deadline: Nov. 14
* Read and give feedback on each other's drafts
Nov. 17 21 Tue. Nov. 18 ArchMetrics -- take 1 [Sumukhi] Explain new DF metrics (definitions, examples)
Run R scripts (discuss modular design)
Show and explain numbers (big tables, p-values, etc.)
Some qualitative analysis
Future work: DroidBench
22 Thu. Nov. 20 Refinement -- take 4 [Ebi] Practice makes perfect  
Nov. 24
Thanksgiving week
23 Tue. Nov. 25 ETX14  -- take 2 [Marwan]   Read draft and give feedback
  Thu. Nov. 27
University Holiday    
Dec. 01 24 Tue. Dec. 02 A2 Scoria Eval: Ermete -- take 1 [Anam] Discuss everything done to date  
25 Thu. Dec. 04** ArchMetrics -- take 2 [Sumukhi]   ** Different meeting room
Note: Classes end on Dec. 08
Dec. 09



Data Driven Method [Sumukhi]:



Each student will give detailed research presentations on an active research project.

Every student will select and present detailed lectures (up to 40 min) on the top-N research papers most closely related to his/her research project.

The paper presentations will alternate with research presentations.

Some students will do a tool evaluation project.

Research Presentations for later this semester:

Requested Dry-runs:


Marwan (definite): Sep. 27--30 (IEEE SCAM14, Sep. 28-29)
Ebi, Marwan (definite): Oct. 19 -- 25 (SPLASH, Oct. 20-24)
Ebi, Marwan (definite): Nov. 06--08 (ACM CCS WSIW'14, Nov. 07)

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