The current gang

Yu Chen, Ph.D. Student
Heqing Huang, Visiting Scholar
Chuan Li, Ph.D. Student
Pengfei Ren, Ph.D. Student
Ling Wang, Ph.D. Student
Siyu Zhan, Visiting Scholar
Hongwei Zhang, Associate Professor

Former compatriots

Yuehua Wang, Texas A&M University - Commerce
Xiaohui LiuFacebook  (Ph.D. Dissertation: "Predictable Real-Time Wireless Networking for Sensing and Control")
Qiao Xiang, Yale University   (Ph.D. Dissertation: "In-Network Processing for Mission-Critical Wireless Networked Sensing and Control: A Real-Time, Efficiency, and Resiliency Perspective")
Xin Che, Marvell Semiconductor Inc.   (Ph.D. Dissertation: "Predictable Interference Control for Wireless Networked Sensing and Control") 
Xi Ju, GM Research    (Ph.D. Dissertation: "Routing Algorithms for Intermittantly Connected Mobile Networks")
Vineeth Rakesh Mohan, Wayne State University   (Master Thesis: "Performance Evaluation of Voice Chat in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks")
Balaji Palaniswami, Juniper Networks  (Master Thesis: "On the Design of Intra-Vehicular UWB Networks")
Divya Sakamuri, Ford Motor Company (Master Thesis: "NetEye: A Wireless Sensor Network Testbed")  
Qing Ai, Fortinet Inc.
Aparna Radhakrishnan, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  
Wen Xiao, Jiangsu University
Huayun Yu, Yangtze University, China
Bo Mi, Chongqing Jiaotong University, China
Wei Wei, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China 
Jinhong Xu, Indiana University  
Pawel Majewski, Grace Zhang, Talia Selitsky, Eyad Hailat, Matthew Peter Flavell 

We always welcome talented students to join our research team ...