Eyad HailatPh.D. Candidate

Multicore Computing Lab
Department of Computer Science

Wayne State University


Eyad Hailat is a Ph.D. candidate (ATG) pursuing his doctoral degree in Computer Science at Wayne State University. He is a member of Multicore Computing Lab under the supervision of Professor Loren Schwiebert . His research interests include general-purpose computing on GPUs.
As a graduate teaching assistant, he teaches a variety of theory and programming classes.

Before his doctoral study, he had many publications in computer Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language processing. He has a Master's and a Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology from Yarmouk University, in Jordan in 2002 and 2004 respectively. He is a graduate student member of the IEEE Communications, Association for Computing Machinery chapter at Wayne State University, Linux group, and SUN group at Wayne State University.