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Recent Publications

Weisong Shi and Shinan Wang, Building Self-Adaptive Cyber Physical Systems Using Unreliable Components, National workshop for research on high-confidence transportation cyber-physical systems: automotive, aviation & rail. Nov. 2008. [PDF]

Shinan Wang, Kewei Sha and Weisong Shi, (Poster Abstract) Role-based Deceptive Detection and Filter in WSNs, 8th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Sensor Networks (IPSN), April, 2009. [PDF]

Kewei Sha, Shinan Wang and Weisong Shi, Rd4: Role-Differentiated Cooperative Deceptive Data Detection and Filtering in VANETs,IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technologies. Dec. 2009. [PDF]

Shinan Wang, Weisong Shi, Bengt B. Arnetz and Clairy Wiholm, SPARTAN: A Framework for Smart Phone Assisted Real-Time Healthcare Network Design, 6th International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing (CollaborateCom) 2010, Chicago, Oct 2010. [PDF]

Shinan Wang, Hui Chen and Weisong Shi, SPAN: A Software Power Analyzer for Multicore Computer Systems, Elsevier Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems, Vol. 1, No.1, pp. 23-34, January 2011. [PDF]

Hui Chen, Shinan Wang and Weisong Shi, Where Does the Power Go in a Computer System: Experimental Analysis and Implications, accepted by PMP, in conjunction with International Green Computing Conference (IGCC), July 2011. [PDF]

Dajun Lu, Guoxing Zhan, Shinan Wang, Weisong Shi, Clairy Wiholm and Bengt B. Arnetz, StressBar: A System for Stress Information Collection, in Proceedings of the Wireless Health 2011, La Jolla, CA, Oct 11-13, 2011. [PDF]

Pradeep M. Hettiarachchi, Nathan Fisher, Masud Ahmed, Le-Yi Wang, Shinan Wang and Weisong Shi, The Design and Analysis of Thermal-Resilient Hard-Real-Time Systems, in Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS 2012). [PDF]

Lingjun Fan, Shibin Tang, Shinan Wang, Weisong Shi, Dongrui Fan, APEAC:Associativity-Per-Access Cache for Reducing Dynamic CPU Power, submitted to IEEE Micro.

Lingjun Fan, Shinan Wang, Shibin Tang, Weisong Shi, Dongrui Fan, A Low Power Cache Architecture with Pre-invalid Way Checking and Pre-mismatch Way Detecting, submitted to IEEE Micro.

Shinan Wang, Youhuizi Li, Lingjun Fan, Weisong Shi, Design and Implementation of Fine-Grained Software Power Analysis on Embedded Systems, submitted to IEEE Micro.