About me

Starting Fall 2014, I moved to The University of Texas at Dallas. I will no longer maintain this webpage. My new webpage is at:


I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Wayne State University.

My area of research is Software Engineering. I am particularly interested in

  • software maintenance and evolution,
  • program comprehension,
  • software analysis, and
  • natural language processing.

My advisor is Dr. Andrian Marcus (luckily!), and I am part of the SEVERE group.


E-mail: lmorenocATwayneDOTedu

SEVERE group
Department of Computer Science
Wayne State University
5057 Woodward Avenue
Suite 2210
Detroit, MI 48202, USA

Laura Moreno

SEVERE groupDepartment of Computer ScienceWayne State University

Detroit, MI 48202, USA