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Current Ph.D. Students

  • Lisa (Yufen) Tan
  • Zhen Qian
  • Izabell Caraconcea
  • Sina Fakhraee
  • Bilal Hawashin
  • Noor Alaydie
Graduated Ph.D. Students

  • Rajeev Argawal, “Narrowing Down the Semantic Gap between Content and Context using Multimodal Keywords,” (co-Advisor: William Grosky, UM-Dearborn), May 2009
  • P. Mark Pettovello, “M-Tree: An Universal XML Index for Efficient XPath Query Processing,” October 2008
  • Seunghan Chang, “Access Control Models for XML Data and Provenance Metadata in Scientific Workflows,” (Co-Advisor: Shiyong Lu), April 2008
  • Manjeet Rege, “On the Clustering of Heterogeneous Data: a Graph Theoretic Approach,” (Co-Advisor: Ming Dong), September 2007
  • Farhad Karimi-Mostowfi, “Change Management in Ontology Management Systems,” November 2006.
  • Jingkai Yu, “An Efficient Two Stage Model for Predicting Drosophila Protein-Protein Interactions,” (Co-Advisor: Russell Finley, Jr.), November 2006.
  • Youngju Son, “Advanced Type-Based Schema Mapping: A New Approach in Data Integration,” (Co-Advisor: Hasan Jamil), October 2006.
  • Jinsong Wang, “Video Temporal Reconstruction and Frame Rate conversion,” (Co-Advisor: William Grosky, University of Michigan, Dearborn), October 2006.
  • Kourosh Jafari, “Rotation Invariant Multiresolution Texture Classification,” (Co-Advisor: Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh, Henry Ford Health System), September 2006.
  • Hua Yan, “Techniques on Improving LSI Text Retrieval,”, (Co-Advisor: William Grosky, University of Michigan, Dearborn), March 2006.    
  • Xin Li, “Negotiating the Semantic Gap in an MPEG-7 Aerial Image Database,” (Co-Advisor: William Grosky, University of Michigan-Dearborn), July 2005.
  • Mohammadreza Siadat, “Human Brain Multi-Modality Image Data Analysis,” (Co-Advisor: Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh, Henry Ford Health System), January 2005.
  • Marius Truta, “Adaptive Disclosure Control for Healthcare Microdata,” (Co-Advisor: Daniel Barth-Jones, Center for Health Effectiveness Research, School of Medicine, Wayne State University), May  2004.
  • DV Sreenath, “Deriving Emergent Semantics from Web Browsing Paths,” (Co-Advisor: William Grosky, University of Michigan, Dearborn), December, 2003.
  • Michael Johnson, “Discovering Document Semantics - QBYS: A System for Querying the WWW by Semantics,” March 2003.
  • Dooseoung, Hwang, “Computational Meta-Analysis of Protein Interaction Data,” January 2003.
  • George Schleis, “The Reference Neuron Model of Memory:  Explorations of its Capabilities “, December 2001.
  • Augustine Ikeji, "The Optimal Computation of Partial Query Results (PQR)," December 1999.
  • Amer F. Al-Badarneh, " The SBS: An Efficient Index Structure for Spatial Database Applications," December 1999.
  • Rahul Tikekar, "Query Optimization in Tertiary Storage-Based Systems Using A Generalized Storage Model," January 1997.
  • Azzam Ibrahim, "The SB+-Tree: An Index Structure for Spatial Data," March 1995.
  • Andrew Johnson, "SANDBOX: A Virtual Reality Interface to Scientific Databases," August 1994.  
  • Abad A. Shah, “TOS: A Temporal Object System,” August, 1992.
  • Tae-Gong Lee, "Generalized Index for Query Optimization in Object-Oriented Database Systems,” March 1991.

Masters Students
  • Svetlana Pacifico “IM Browser - a  Web-based Tool for Exploring and Publishing Gene and Protein Interaction Data over the Internet,” (Co-Advisor: Russell Finley, Jr), November 2006
  • Yan Jin, “Internet Information Retrieval by Personalized Information Discovery – Two-Stage Model,” December 2003.
  • Yelena Grishpun, “Query Optimization for Mediators,” May 2003.
  • Yan Sun, “A Probabilistic Algorithm to Detect Sequence Motifs in Genomic Sequences,” April 2003.
  • Wu Ding, "Web Querying on Geographical Information Systems," June 2001.
  • Colette Jacobsen, “Developing Web3D-Database Interfaces Using an Architectural-Based Design Method," April 2001.
  • Susan Kaugher, "Data Visualization Utilizing IQ-VRI and IDL," December 1999.
  • Karthekeyan Ramachandren, "3D Interface to Databases with an Iconic Querying Interface," May 1999.
  • Aashima Narula, "A Distributed Web-Based Virtual Reality Interface to Relational Database Systems," July 1997.
  • Nitan Jadhav, "VToD: VRMLto Database Link," June 1997.
  • Ronald J. Jachim Jr., “A Graphical User Interface for Expressing Fuzzy Queries,” August 1996.
  • Michael Bernardo, "Optimizing Cyclic Queries in Object-Oriented Databases," April 1996.
  • Jason Tung, "DRS - A Dynamic Reporting System for Federated Databases," March 1996.
  • Mahesh K. Jain, "Fuzzy Query Processing Using Neural Networks," April 1996.
  • Rana Chander, "An Efficient Restructuring of Hypertext Graphs Using Dynamic Construction of Links," December 1995.
  • Syed Fawad Hasan, "Real-Time Error Detection in the Automated Vehicle Weighing System," December 1994.
  • Chandramouli Vasudevan, “Comparison of Physical Storage Models for Object-Oriented Databases,” March 1993.
  • Paul Anye Tuma, “Implementing Historical Aggregates in TEMPIS,” November 1992.
  • Qian Yang, “Algorithms for Temporal Union Joins in Temporal Databases,” April 1992.
  • Terry Niner, "An Intelligent Hypertext Interface to Database Systems," March 1991.
  • David Chen, "A Dynamic Hash-Based Join Algorithm for a Hypercube Multicomputer," March 1991.
  • Carlos E. Galarce, "Adaptive Systems and the Search for Optimal Index Selection," October 1990.  
  • Rahul V. Tikekar, "Optimal Ordering of Integrity Assertions for Maintaining Semantic Integrity of Databases," August 1990.  
  • Jason Leigh, "Optimal Parallel Scheduling of M-Way Join Queries," July 1990.  
  • Kyusuk Chung,  "High Availability and Consistency of Data in a Partitioned Distributed Database System," April 1990.  
  • Andrew Johnson, "A Parallel Hash-Based Algorithm for Computing the Transitive Closure of Database Relations," February 1990.

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