CSC 6991 Topics in Computer Security

Fall 2017 --- Fengwei Zhang

  • Instructor: Fengwei Zhang
  • Class Location: State Hall (STAT) 0315
  • Class Time: Monday, Wednesday 10:00AM - 11:15AM
  • Syllabus: [PDF]
  • Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 11:15AM - 12:15PM
  • Office Address: Maccabees Building, Room 14109.3
  • Homepage:
  • Email: fengwei (at) wayne (dot) edu

Course Description

The course is designed for students interested in computer security research and helps them get started. It will focus on computer security research topics including systems security, web security, mobile security, IoT security, transportation security, privacy and anonymity, hardware security, and ransomware attacks. The course centers around readings and discussions; it has a term project. Students are expected to read the assigned papers, write paper summaries, and present papers. The term project is essentially a mini research project that involves building a new system, improving an existing technique, or performing a large case study.

Course Objectives

This course offers an in depth introduction to computer security research. Upon successful completion of this class, the student will gain experience in:


CSC4290 (Introduction to Computer Networking), CSC4420 (Computer Operating Systems), and CSC5270 (Computer Systems Security); or permission of the instructor.

Grading Policy

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