Dongxiao Zhu
Department of Computer Science
5057 Woodward Ave. Suite 14101.3
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202

Short Bio:

Dongxiao Zhu is currently an Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University. He received the B.S. degree from Shandong University (1996), the M.S. degree from Peking University (1999) and the Ph.D. degree from University of Michigan (2006). Dongxiao Zhu's recent research interests are in machine learning and data science with applications to health informatics, natural language processing, medical imaging and recommender systems. Dr. Zhu is the Director of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics (MLPA) Lab and the Director of Computer Science Graduate Program at Wayne State University. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed publications and numerous book chapters and he served on several editorial boards of scientific journals. Dr. Zhu's research has been supported by NIH, NSF and private agencies and he has served on multiple NIH and NSF grant review panels. Dr. Zhu has advised numerous students at undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels and his teaching interest lies in programming language, data structures and algorithms, machine learning and data science.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics (MLPA) Lab

Recent publications in last 3 years (All publications, book chapters & software): 

Selected Federal Fundings:

  1. NSF/CCF: S&CC: Promoting a Healthier Urban Community: Prioritization of Risk Factors for the Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric Obesity. 09/01/2016-08/31/2019. (co-Principal Investigator)
  2. NSF/IIS: S&AS: INT: Autonomous Battery Operating System (ABOS): An Adaptive and Comprehensive Approach to Efficient, Safe, and Secure Battery System Management. 09/01/2017-08/31/2021. (Senior Personnel)
  3. NSF/CCF:  EAGER: A novel algorithmic framework for discovering subnetworks from big biological data. 08/15/2014-08/14/2017. (Principal Investigator)
  4. NIH/NLM:  R21.A new informatics paradigm for reconstructing signaling pathways in human disease. 09/2009 – 08/2012. (Principal Investigator)
  5. NIH/NCI: R01. Analysis of Epstain-Barr virus type III latency on cellular miRNA gene expression. (co-Investigator)
  6. NSF/CCF: CPATH: A verification based learning model that enriches CS and related undergraduate programs. (co-Principal Investigator)

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