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Shiyong Lu (吕世勇)

Associate Professor

Big Data Research Laboratory

Department of Computer Science
Wayne State University

5057 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48202, U.S.A.






Office: 3006 Maccabees Bldg.

Lab: 3105 Maccabees Bldg.

Phone: 313--577--1667(O), 577--6711(L)

Fax: 313--577--6868

Email: (HisFirstName)@wayne.edu



  1. CFP (due 7/10/2016): IEEE International Conference on Big Data
  2. CFP (due 3/14/2016): IEEE International Congress on Big Data
  3. The annual College of Enginnering magazine Exemplar publishes an article about KDM (kdm.dataview.org) in Decembmer 2015.
  4. Milestone of KDM (> 600 users): The KDM tool (http://kdm.dataview.org) is already being used by 600 registered users worldwide, representing over 200 universities and companies in more than 64 countries across 5 continents. These users include professors, graduate and undergraduate students, entrepreneurs, big data architects, and engineers that have used KDM to generate hundreds of intelligent big data models in various domains, including healthcare, education, Internet of Things, stock market, retail and many others.
  5. Our KDM big data modeling tool will be presented at Cassandra Summit 2015 to thousands of attendants!
  6. Two online articles published on the Planet Cassandra blog for our KDM data modeling tool for Cassandra!
  7. Our KDM big data modeling service for Cassandra is now accessible online at http://kdm.dataview.org. Everybody is invited to try it out. We expect (or hope) that this tool will have a big impact on both the academy and the industry. Read the KDM paper to get started.
  8. We have two papers accepted by SCC, and one paper accepted by IEEE Bigdata Congress, congratulations!
  9. We are looking for two excellent PhD students with full financial support to participate in NSF funded big data research projects. Interested students must have very strong programming skills in Java, SQL, and Javascript. Please send me your resume and apply for the PhD program in our department.
  10. Big Data Daily Reading
  11. Advices for Students
  12. Selected paper: A Big Data Modeling Methodology for Apache Cassandra, IEEE Big Data Congress, 2015
  13. Selected paper: A System Architecture for Running Big Data Workflows in the Cloud, IEEE SCC, 2014
  14. Selected paper: Addressing the Shimming Problem in Big Data Scientific Workflows, IEEE SCC, 2014
  15. Ian Foster, Yong Zhao, Ioan Raicu, and Shiyong Lu, "Cloud Computing and Grid Computing 360-Degree Compared", IEEE Grid Computing Environments, pp.1-10, in conjunction with IEEE/ACM Supercomputing, Austin, Texas, 2008. (2654 citations, one of the most cited articles in the area of cloud computing.)
  16. CFP: ACM CIKM 2015, due 5/1/2015.


Short Biography

Dr. Shiyong Lu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Wayne State University, the Director of the Big Data Research Laboratory. Our lab believes that mankind has entered the big data era, and with an extreme focus and deligence we can produce high-impact research results or tools. Our lab has the culture to nurture and train future professors - among graduates, five of them have joined other universities as professors. Dr. Lu received his Ph.D. in computer science from State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2002. Before that, he received his M.E. from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing in 1996 and B.E. from the University of Science and Technology of China at Hefei in 1993. Dr. Lu's current research focuses on big data workflows and their applications. A big data workflow is the computerized modeling and automation of a process consisting of a set of computational tasks and their data interdependencies to process and analyze data of ever increasing in scale, complexity, and rate of acquisition. He is an author of two books and over 120 articles published in various international conferences and journals, such as Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE), IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), IEEE Transactions on Services Computing (TSC), IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine (TITB), Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), Information Systems (IS), etc. Dr. Lu's research is supported by NSF, Department of Agriculture, Michigan Tri-corridor, and Wayne State University. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE. Dr. Lu is an associate editor of International Journal of Big Data, and an editorial board member of International Journal of Big Data Intelligence (IJBDI). Dr. Lu is currently involved in several big data workflow management projects, including NSF projects to develop big data workflow technologies for bioinformatics, automobile industry, and civil engineering projects. Dr. Lu is the PI of the DATAVIEW project, which focuses on the design and development of an online big data workflow system that supports the modeling, execution, and monitoring of big data workflows in the cloud to support large-scale big data analysis. .


Located at midtown of Detroit, the Motor City, Wayne State University is a premier Carnegie Research Exensive University ranked in the top 50 in R & D expenditures of all public universities by the National Science Foundation. The university offered more than 350 academic programs through 13 schools and colleges, to more than 32,000 students, ranked as one of the top 3 universities in the state of Michigan. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology ranks #1 in the country in terms of total funding from the National Institutes of Health. It is the home to the NIH Perinatology Research Branch, which is dedicated to improving the quality of maternal-fetal health nationwide. The School of Medicine at Wayne State University is the largest single-campus medical school, and the third-largest overall, in the United States. The School of Library and Information Science is ranked in the top 20 programs in the country. The doctoral program of the College of Nursing was ranked 5th in the country. Michigan has many attractive hot spots.






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